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Need some proper off-road tyres? Cowley & Co supply and fit Coopers tyres to meet your needs. For example, the Discoverer AT, for occasional off-road use or the Discoverer SST, a very capable off-road tyre with aggressive tread pattern.

It is extremely important for any vehicle, not only 4×4’s to get their wheels ‘four wheel aligned’. This is because it will reduce the amount of wear on your tyres. Over time, properly aligned tyres will add hundreds of miles to the life of your tyres. Having correctly aligned tyres will give you a noticeable amount of additional miles to the gallon. There is a type of alignment called ‘total alignment’, this aligned the tyres parallel to one another, which in turn, decreases rolling distance.

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You may want to align your tyres if your car is merging to one side of the road and you find yourself having to keep the car in a straight line. Your steering wheel may be constantly vibrating. These problems and similar problems can be fixed by the correct alignment. Having all components of the vehicle aligned properly prevents the amount of road shock and will give a much smoother journey. We are able to spot any worn areas in your tyres and suspension through our full system inspection. We can inform you of the problems before they get worse and cause expensive problems in the future.

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